Week 13

Rube Goldberg, Continued



Upon the end of week 12, I realized that my setup was generally unreliable and probably not possible for our means. So over the week and the weekend going into week 14 I completely revamped my setup.


1. Provide the updated computer drawing for your individual RG setup.
2. Explain your setup.
     Collin’s car setup hits the device enough to pull the stopper through my pulley system. This allows the marble to roll down the ramp, into the funnel, triggering the switch. The switch closes the circuit, lighting up a sign that says EGR 393, which thanks to a 555 timer, a 74192, and some logic gates, lights up in a consistent pattern. This sends a voltage to Austin’s setup and the combined setup.
3. Provide photos of the circuit and setup.
     Physical setup
4. Provide at least 2 new videos of your setup in action, one being a failed attempt.
This is the failed attempt; my portion begins when the string starts to be pulled.
 This is the successful run.
5. What failures did you have? How did you overcome them?
      First off, the stopper is hard to pull and gets stuck. Also, often the marble overshoots the funnel or falls off the ramp. Also, the switch doesn’t trigger inside of the funnel. All of these are things I plan to have finished by the end of week 14.


6. Group task: Explain your group RG setup.
     We will receive a voltage from Chris, that will trigger my setup (Austin). that voltage will charge a capacitor, and the capacitor voltage is also applied to an LED. That LED is pointed at a photo-resistor that, when light is shinned on it, will activate a transistor. That transistor will drive a motor to pull a weight that will fall, pulling a plug in Mason’s ramp, starting his setup. This plug allows a marble to fall down the ramp into a funnel, which will activate a switch. This switch triggers a display that will flash through the name of the class and when completed, will send a voltage to the next group.
7. Group task: Video of a test run of your group RG.

4 thoughts on “Week 13

  1. Love the LED display saying EGR 393, Makes me want to alter mine to say something cleverer. Cant wait to see more on the blog. It sounds like a really good setup.


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