Week 14: Group Rube Goldberg

1. Video of your RG group setup.

 Explanation video

2.Video of your RG group in action

a. Failed attempt

b. Successful attempt


3 thoughts on “Week 14: Group Rube Goldberg

  1. Good Videos.

    I like the uncensored reaction to in the failed attempt.
    The rigging or your string/motor/pulley setup is also very impressive.

    What is the purpose of the DMM in the circuit?



    1. Whoops, didn’t even realize that, we usually play the videos on mute. Our bad. Thanks about the pulley system, it was a real pain. The DMM works as Austin’s voltage source, whose circuit is initially open until Chris’ switch closes it.


  2. I think the EGR 393 display is very creative. I am assuming you probably did this last week for your individual setups, but I would have liked to see a little more explanation of the circuits in your explanation video, or at least a closer look at them. Also, I wonder if you ever had trouble with the marble rolling into the funnel consistently or if it ever bounced/rolled in the wrong direction?


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