Week 13

Rube Goldberg, Continued   Mason: Upon the end of week 12, I realized that my setup was generally unreliable and probably not possible for our means. So over the week and the weekend going into week 14 I completely revamped my setup.   1. Provide the updated computer drawing for your individual RG setup.   2. Explain […]

Week 12

Week 12: Individual Rube Goldberg Set-Ups This week’s blog sheet will be individual but you will post it on your group blog. Your individual Rube Goldberg (RG) setup should satisfy the following: 1. Use at least 2 of the following components:      a.Transistor      b. OPAMP      c. Relay      d. Temperature sensor      e. Photosensor […]

Week 11: Strain Gauges

Part A: Strain Gauges Strain gauges are used to measure the strain or stress levels on the materials. Alternatively, pressure on the strain gauge causes a generated voltage and it can be used as an energy harvester. You will be given either the flapping or tapping type gauge. When you test the circle buzzer type gauge, you will […]

Week 10

MatLAB Practice 1. Open MATLAB. Open the editor and copy paste the following code. Name your code as FirstCode.m Save the resulting plot as a JPEG image and put it here. clear all; close all; x = [1 2 3 4 5]; y = 2.^x; plot(x, y, ‘LineWidth’, 6) xlabel(‘Numbers’, ‘FontSize’, 12) ylabel(‘Results’, ‘FontSize’, 12) 2. What does clear all do? […]

Week 9

Speakers 1. Measure the resistance of the speaker. Compare this value with the value you would find online. All microspeakers from CUI are 8 Ohms +/- 15%. Our resistance value is 8.3 Ohms. 2. Build the following circuit using a function generator setting the amplitude to 5V (0V offset). What happens when you change the frequency? (video) Figure 1: Test setup for […]

Week 8

Rube Goldberg Two: Electric Boogaloo Our Rube Goldberg project works as follows: The TMP36 is attached to 5V and GND. A hairdryer or heat gun raises the temperature of the TMP36 heat sensor to produce an output voltage. The voltage from the heat sensor is sent to the LM124 op-amp, which is attached to 5V […]