Week 7

Digital Circuits 1. Force sensing resistor gives a resistance value with respect to the force that is applied on it. Try different loads (Pinching, squeezing with objects, etc.) and write down the resistance values. (EXPLAIN with TABLE)        (Resistance in ohms) The more force is applied, the more resistance through the force sensor. 2. 7 Segment display:   a. Check the […]

Week 6

Blogsheet week 6 Operational Amplifiers 1. You will use the OPAMP in open-loop configuration in this part, where input signals will be applied directly to the pins 2 and 3.      a. Apply 0 V to the inverting input. Sweep the non-inverting input (Vin) from -10 V to 10 V with 1 V steps. Take more steps around 0 […]

Week 5

Blog sheet week 5   1. Functional check: Oscilloscope manual page 5. Perform the functional check (photo).        The functional check of the oscilloscope 2. Perform manual probe compensation (Oscilloscope manual page 8) (Photo of overcompensation and proper compensation).        Oscilloscope with overcompensation      Properly compensated oscilloscope 3. What does probe attenuation (1x vs 10x) […]

Week 4

Blog sheet week 4 All measurements are in (V) and (A)   IMPORTANT: 1. (Table and graph) Use the transistor by itself. The goal is to create the graph for I_C (y axis) versus V_BE (x axis). Connect base and collector. Use 10K potentiometer to generate the voltage. Use 5 V but DO NOT EXCEED 1V for V_BE. Make sure you have the required […]

Week 3

1. Compare the calculated and measured equivalent resistance values between the nodes A and B for three circuit configurations given below. Choose your own resistors. (Table) the circuit is on the left and the table is directly to the right of it 2. Apply 5V on a 120Ω resistor. Measure the current by putting the multimeter in series and parallel. […]

Week 2

1. What is the role of A/B switch? If you are on A, would B still give you a voltage?      The A/B switch on the power supply device changes which ac ports will give current or voltage measurements, however the other port is still hot. 2. In each channel, there is a current specification (either 0.5 […]

Week 1

Monday: 1. What is the class format? Monday has a pretest and an introduction for the week, and then continues into the lab. On Wednesdays, we jump straight into the lab. Friday is a day where we discuss the blog posts and take a post quiz on what we learned that week.   2. What […]